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Her name is Paola, her dad calls her Pól. Music has always been the main part of her life. It started out by singing at the church choir, learning to play the guitar, writing poems and songs during her teenage days, and performing at several venues covering songs by her favorite artists.

She started songwriting in 2017, and Pól was born in 2018, in between a breakup and several trips to NYC, California, Prague, and Barcelona.

Pól is a modern dreamer, she finds ecstasy in the beauty of nature capturing passing clouds, old vintage buildings, doors, and windows, tracking beauty in her daily rhythm, humming vanishing harmonies, finding them later in her intimate music space, on piano notes…

Welcome to her world, hop on the ride and enjoy the journey.

‘In My Lonesomeness’ is her debut EP. It is a collection of 5 songs, born from Pól’s need to spread her love for music and nature, and drawing inspiration from personal experiences in love and heartbreak.

Developed and intimately recorded with friends, the EP explores several musical styles from Pop to Indie Rock, with a mix of acoustic and electronic, alternating feelings of glee, idleness, hope, and melancholy, all held together by Pól’s soft airy vocals, and honest yet quirky Lyricism.

Our recommended track is "We Run". Pure representation of pop, indie-rock that spreads some Good Vibes!

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